Airport transport

Care2Deliver brings you, your family, friends or employees carefree, comfortable, relaxed and safe, to and from airports in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany. A pleasant start to your holiday or business trip is very important to us!

Just think of the following benefits :

As you can see, the benefits of a trip to the airport via a private car are quite numerous. Even financially it can be more profitable than a trip with your own car. Make the calculation!

Extra services (surcharge)

Basically we only work with pick up/drop-off locations in East-Flanders, but, if desired, it is also possible to or from other regions. The price is on request. See contactpage.

The price is for max. 4 people. From July 1st transport up to 7 people is possible ! Price on request.

Below you can calculate the cost of your ride yourself. The price is for a one-way trip only and is only valid for private persons! For business trips, see Business transport. If you want an outward and a return trip, please double the price. Select the airport and the city where your property or company is closest to.

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